Microsoft Looks to Upgrade PC Market With Windows Update

Microsoft’s (MSFT) Developer Conference was held last week and instead of holding it at the company’s Redmond campus like previous years, it joins Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) in holding developers events in San Francisco. One of the first announcements was an update to Windows 8 that addresses a few of the many customer complaints about the operating system. In fact, the new Windows was so poorly designed for use on desktop computers, it is being blamed for the accelerated decline in PC sales this year. Microsoft hopes to change all that with the new Windows 8.1.

At the conference Microsoft revealed it was trying to address some of these issues with a new update to its operating system. The new Windows 8.1 will lessen the reliance on separate boxes and screen slide ins, by making the……..Click here for the full article – Microsoft Stock Shares

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