Will Google Miss Analysts Earnings Estimates For Q2 2013?

Google’s (GOOG) stock has had a significant run-up over the past year and continues to hit new 52-week highs. The company is constantly expanding into new areas in order to offset the continuing decline in the cost-per-click ad market. While the company doesn’t beat earnings every quarter, one thing is constant, the company always surprises. And not by a penny or two, but in two of the last four quarters the company surprised analysts by more than 13%. One of those quarters was on the upside and one a downside surprise. So with the market hovering around its recent highs and the economy on the road to recovery, will Google report much better than expected earnings on Thursday?……..Click here for the full article – Will Google Miss Earnings Estimates When It Reports Q2 2013 On Thursday?

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Why You Have To Buy Shares Of GameStop Stock Right Now

Last summer I outlined why GameStop (GME) would double in 12 months. Finally, when Microsoft (MSFT) and Sony (SNE) announced they would release the new eighth generation gaming consoles this holiday season it propelled GameStop well past my price target. Now with the company beating estimates and hitting new 52-week highs its time to figure out when the stock becomes overpriced and it becomes a sell.

Until last year, investors have been avoiding GameStop stock in part because of rumors that the new consoles would not allow used games to be sold or traded. GameStop’s worst fears almost came true a few months ago when Microsoft announced serious restrictions on used games. Just some of the restrictions the company put on its published games were…..Click here for the full article – Why You Have To Buy Shares Of GameStop Stock Right Now

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Will Video Game Delays Hurt Take-Two Interactive’s Earnings?

Take-Two Interactive (TTWO) is video game maker best know for it’s Grand Theft Auto franchise. To date the franchise has sold more than 100 million copies and has produced four sequels, numerous series spin-offs and created a devoted fan base. Its style of play and even its game engine were the basis  for Take-Two’s other open world games like Red Dead Redemption. Grand Theft Auto V is possibly the most anticipated game in the series so far. Originally, it was set to be released almost a year ago, but now it looks like it won’t be in stores until September 17th.

In the past few years this wouldn’t have been material to game sales, as fans of the series don’t mind waiting, as long as the company gets it right. However this year is unique in the fact that both Sony (SNE) and Microsoft (MSFT) have announced……….Click here for the full article – Take Two Interactive Earnings

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Microsoft Looks to Upgrade PC Market With Windows Update

Microsoft’s (MSFT) Developer Conference was held last week and instead of holding it at the company’s Redmond campus like previous years, it joins Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG) in holding developers events in San Francisco. One of the first announcements was an update to Windows 8 that addresses a few of the many customer complaints about the operating system. In fact, the new Windows was so poorly designed for use on desktop computers, it is being blamed for the accelerated decline in PC sales this year. Microsoft hopes to change all that with the new Windows 8.1.

At the conference Microsoft revealed it was trying to address some of these issues with a new update to its operating system. The new Windows 8.1 will lessen the reliance on separate boxes and screen slide ins, by making the……..Click here for the full article – Microsoft Stock Shares

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The Split-Up Of The Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation stock has been performing very well since the beginning of the year, going from $12 per share in early January, to just under $21 per share yesterday. The company has made several important announcements, including the release of its much anticipated Playstation 4 and raising guidance in late April on its outlook for the full year 2013. However, news that buoyed the stock nearly 10% on May 21st, was a proposal made by an activist investor to break up the company into smaller parts.

The push to split up Sony was spearheaded by activist investor Daniel Loeb, whose hedge fund Third Point LLC owns around $1.1 billion of Sony stock. The plan, put forth in a letter to Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai, includes spinning off up to 20% of Sony’s Entertainment unit in an initial public offering. Sony Entertainment primarily consists of its……..Click here for the full article – Sony Stock

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